Surrogate Compensation

Surrogate Compensation 

When one makes the selfless choice to become a surrogate, payment hardly becomes the top concern. That goes without mentioning the physical and emotional changes that a surrogate mom undergoes. Many folks understand that surrogacy is a very challenging role and that the compensation received is sometimes not equivalent to the sacrifice involved from the surrogate mother. Nonetheless, a surrogate mom should be compensated fairly.


Surrogate Compensation: Costs for Services

Surrogacy expenses are not all the same since it varies from agency to agency. Fees for application are paid by the intended parents, the cost of which normally work upwards of around $500, with legal costs typically come at $15,000. These expenses do not go straight to surrogate mom, but they go towards the direction of ensuring that she and the intended parents actually shielded economically.


Surrogate Compensation: Surrogate Cost

Turning into a surrogate is comparable to working full time, thus intended moms and dads usually recompense surrogate with a cash fee, which is determined and agreed upon prior to pregnancy; as well as ensuring that payment for various other costs are covered.

Expect that a first time surrogate mom will earn around $25,000 to $35,000 lower than what  an experienced surrogate is entitled to.


Surrogate Compensation: Additional Fees and Costs

As discussed above, a surrogate mom’s health care expenses are already settled by the intended moms and dads, this mainly consists of doctor’s appointments as well as other medical expenses incurred.

There are instances that will be out of the surrogate mom’s control that can still be covered by the intended parents. An instance, will be when the surrogate is kicked out of her property. There is this “back up plan” offered by the intended parents to ensure that her overall well being is still protected.